joan descarga

Barcelona 1947

- He lives and works in Begues and Barcelona

- Bachelor's Degree in Industrial Design, Escola Massana

- PhD in Fine Arts from the University of Barcelona. Full Professor of the Painting Department at the Faculty of Fine Arts. Barcelona

- First Honorary Lifelong Professor of the UB Faculty of Fine Arts. 2018

- Interested in art pedagogy, he has developed an intense teaching career at Escola Massana, Elisava, Escola Superior de Disseny Tèxtil i Industrial de la Universitat Ramon Llull and the Faculty of Fine Arts of Barcelona, where he enjoys several research grants within the Consolidated and Financed BR::AC, Barcelona, Research, Art, Creation Group.

- Co-founder and editor of the indexed contemporary art magazine, in digital format, BR::AC.

- He has carried out more than fifty individual exhibitions and over a hundred collective exhibitions in national and international galleries.

- His work is part of various national and international public and private collections, and his creative activity has also extended to original graphic works.

- Currently, he is working on a series of works around the Vitruvian concepts of "Firmitas, Utilitas et Venustas" halfway between the Object troubé and Arte povera.

Individual exhibitions since 1987, selection

  • 1987
  • "Divan del Tamarit". Crossing Gallery, Iulia Concordia, Italy
  • "Minimi intenti". Muggia, Trieste
  • "Veleno". Totem-Il Canale Gallery, Venice
  • 1989
  • "Pell de Plom". René Metràs Gallery, Barcelona. (catalog)
  • 1990
  • "Venti". Totem-Il Canale Gallery, Venice
  • "Joan Descarga" - Edition Hylteberga. Skurup, Sweden
  • "Archives de La Memoire". Bernard Davignon Gallery, Paris. (catalog)
  • 1991
  • "Parèntesi". Pèrgamon Gallery, Barcelona. (catalog)
  • "Joan Descarga". René Metràs Gallery, Barcelona. (catalog)
  • "Joan Descarga". Era Bauró Gallery, Andorra la Vella
  • 1992
  • "Arco'92". René Metràs Gallery, Madrid. (catalog)
  • "Ocell de pas". René Metràs Gallery, Barcelona. (catalog)
  • 1993
  • "Llum a través". Pèrgamon Gallery, Barcelona
  • 1994
  • "Joan Descarga". Era Bauró Gallery, Andorra la Vella
  • "wysINwyg". René Metràs Gallery, Barcelona. (catalog)
  • 1995
  • "Venti". Totem-Il Canale Gallery, Venice
  • "Joan Descarga". Crossing Gallery, Portogruaro. Venice
  • "Ombra Blanca". Pèrgamon Gallery, Barcelona. (catalog)
  • 1998
  • “Màscares i Paradoxes”.Pèrgamon Gallery, Barcelona
  • “Narcís”.Instal·lació. Riu Onyar, Girona (catalog)
  • "Narcís". Sala d'exposicions municipals. Girona (catalog)
  • 1999
  • "Certeces i mistèris". Pèrgamon Gallery, Barcelona (catalog)
  • 2000
  • "Joan Descarga". Riberaygua Gallery. Andorra la Vella
  • "Dels límits". René Metràs Gallery, Barcelona (catalog)
  • 2003
  • "Joan Descarga". Riberaygua Gallery. Andorra la Vella
  • 2017
  • "Untitled". Pèrgamon Gallery. Barcelona
Work in the following collections

  • National Library. Madrid
  • Provincial Government of Córdoba. Córdoba
  • Catalan Network. Barcelona
  • Musee d'Art Contemporain. Casablanca. Marroc
  • Es Baluard Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Foundation. Palma de Mallorca
  • Museum of Art. Girona
  • Museum of Art. Sabadell
  • Food Culture Museum. Barcelona
  • Artistic Heritage of the University of Barcelona
  • BRAC Collection, Faculty of Fine Arts. Barcelona
  • La Caixa Foundation. Barcelona
  • Swedish Bank. Stockholm
  • Fung Yan Investment. London
  • Down Chemicals. Tarragona
  • Bayer. Barcelona
  • Diari Avui. Barcelona
  • Hospital del Mar. Barcelona
  • Hospital de Sant Pau. Barcelona
  • Hotel Arts. Barcelona
  • Gatta e Du Toit. Venècia
  • Boris Brollo. Venècia
  • Constant and Trudy Van der Horst. Utrecht. Holanda
  • Ellen Ruwe. Amsterdam
  • Marilyn Lasecki. New York
  • Yair Svoray. New York
  • Josep Sarlé. Andorra la Vella
  • Lluís Bassat. Barcelona
  • Santiago Dexeus. Barcelona
  • Ernesto Ventós. Barcelona
  • Rafael Tous. Barcelona
  • Castillo-Garcia family. Barcelona
  • Descarga family. Barcelona
  • Fita family. Barcelona
  • Fort-Gutierrez family. Barcelona
Collective exhibitions since 1991, selection

  • 1991
  • 38x50=50x38.Pergamon Gallery, Barcelona-Cullell Gallery.Olot, Girona
  • Sobre Pedra, Planxa i Paper. Gràfica 4, Barcelona
  • Genèric. Descarga.Gil.Gonzalo.Caramany Gallery. Girona (catalogue)
  • Gruppo d’Estate.Totem-Il Canale Gallery. Venice
  • Arco’91.René Metras Gallery. Madrid
  • XI Summer Exhibition.Caramany Gallery. Girona
  • Croisement de signes.Bernard Davignon Gallery. Paris
  • Graficart.Quadrat nou, Reials Drassanes. Barcelona
  • Graficart.Gràfica Quatre, Reials Drassanes. Barcelona
  • Fiera di Bolonia.Totem-Il Canale Gallery. Bologna
  • Col·leccio Testimoni."la Caixa". Barcelona.(catalogue)
  • Presencies del nostre temps, René Metras Gallery. Barcelona
  • 1992
  • Papers al cub, Pergamon Gallery. Barcelona
  • Konsthögskolan Mejan Gallery. Stockholm.(catalogue)
  • Una Faceta Del Arte Contemporáneo Español. Hyundai Art Museum. Seoul.(catalogue)
  • Col·leccio Testimoni, "la Caixa", Barcelona
  • Art I Sanitat, Hospital del Mar, Barcelona.(catalogue)
  • 32x45=45x32, Pergamon Gallery, Barcelona
  • 1993
  • Maior Gallery. Pollensa-Amorós, Descarga, Rom, Socias.
  • René Metras Gallery. Barcelona-Arco’93
  • Era Bauró Gallery. Andorra la Vella
  • Seqüencia.Martínez Guerricabeitia Biennial-Palau dels Scala.Universidad de Valéncia.(catalogue)
  • Col·lecció Hotel Arts. Barcelona.(catalogue)
  • Palma XII Gallery. Vilafranca del Penedés. Barcelona
  • Col·lecció Testimoni 93/94.Sala Sant Jaume. Fundació La Caixa. Barcelona.(catalogue)
  • 1996
  • Homenatge a l’arbre. Palau Gallery. Girona
  • Essències. Ernesto Ventós Collection. Palau de la Virreina. Barcelona. (catalogue)
  • Quadrat 9. Estampa. MEAC. Madrid
  • 1999
  • Art for the heart. Palau Robert, Barcelona. (catalog)
  • Soft flags. Association against AIDS. New Art. Hotel Majestic. Barcelona
  • 10 Years. Pèrgamon Gallery. Barcelona. (catalog)
  • Joan Descarga. Room 1. Pèrgamon Gallery. Barcelona
  • Barcelona-20 or XI. Pèrgamon Gallery, Barcelona. (catalog)
  • Nativity scenes and artifice. Church of Sant Ferriol. Olot-Theatres.
  • Tres Punts Gallery. Barcelona (catalog)
  • 2000
  • XII Biennial. Exhibition of Contemporary Catalan Art. Itinerant (catalog)
  • Tres Punts Gallery. Barcelona (catalog)
  • Twenty or Twenty-One. Pèrgamon Gallery. Barcelona (catalog)
  • The arts factory. The bridges. Pont de Cal Russet. Olot
  • Torres Monsó. 100. Municipal Exhibition Halls. Girona (catalog)
  • 2003
  • Pèrgamon Quatre. Pèrgamon Quatre Gallery. Barcelona
  • Tribute to Pilar Riberaygua. Les Punxes Gallery. Barcelona
  • Art Box Gallery, Tokyo
  • "Kill us, art for after a war." Casa de Cultura. Girona (catalog)
  • Food Culture Museum. Barcelona (catalog)
  • Art and research for diabetes. Palau Robert. Barcelona. (catalog)
  • 2005
  • 1st Mmac. Mollerussa Exhibition of Contemporary Art. Mollerussa. (catalog)
  • Imaginary tableware. Moritz Food Culture Museum. Barcelona. (catalog)
  • 2006
  • Rene Metràs Gallery. Barcelona
  • 2007
  • First hand. Pèrgamon Quatre. Barcelona
  • Engraving, 5 decades of workshop at Fine Arts Faculty. Barcelona
  • Riberaygua Gallery. Andorra la Vella
  • 2008
  • II Contemporary Art Biennial. ONCE Foundation. Madrid. (catalog)
  • 2014
  • Celebrations.25.PALMADOTZE. Vilafranca del Penedés
  • 2016
  • VINSEUM The Museum of Wine Cultures of Catalonia. Vilafranca del Penedès
Doctoral thesis

Limits of drawing


Pages: 182

Doctoral thesis

Edition date: 1992


Pages: 265

ISBN: 978-84-475-2875-2

Edition date: 2005

De l'espai personal, a l'espai públic



Pages: 88

ISBN: 978-84-475-3569-9

Edition date: 2012


Pages: 168

ISBN: 978-84-475-3170-7

Edition date: 2007

Digresiones intermitentes


Pages: 120

ISBN: 978-84-17238-55-1

Edition date: 2018


This publication is part of CMYK, a work created by four members of the Research Group BR::AC from the University of Barcelona;

Àlex Nogué , with Clar i fosc

Miquel Planas , with Drowning in drawings

Joan Descarga, with Digressions intermitents and

Josep Cerdà, with Exposed Sound.

Each of these publications corresponds chromatically to one of the four colors of the CMYK chromatic subtraction model, creating a working framework, in which each author has full creative freedom, while maintaining the unity of design to allow an end result of four stand-alone publications. Also, a joint limited edition of forty copies has been made.

Clar i fosc

Drowning in drawings

Àlex Nogué

Clar i fosc

Miquel Planas

Drowning in drawings

Digressions intermitents

Exposed sound

Joan Descarga

Digressions intermitents

Josep Cerdà

Exposed sound